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In New Brunswick, the Minister of Education is responsible for administering the Education Act. The Act states that, as of July 1, 1999, children between five and eighteen years of age inclusive must attend school (section 15) unless the Minister is satisfied that the child is under “effective instruction elsewhere” (section 16).

If a parent chooses not to have his/her child schooled in the public education system, the parent must provide for the child’s “effective instruction” either at a recognized independent school or through home schooling. Home schooling is providing educational instruction at home by parents/guardians.

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14 Responses to New Brunswick

  1. alisha levi says:

    Im not sure if this is where i would ask but i was just looking for info on homeschooling my twin toddlers as it might be easier due to medical issues i wouldnt want to be pulling one out of school all the time for appointments.

  2. Brian Gladu says:


    1. If a family from the States moves to Canada but remain as non-citizens, are they subject to Canadian Home Schooling laws?

    2. Does Canada mandate certain subjects/disciplines be taught?

    3. Is testing required at the end of each school year?

    4. What forms, etc., if any, must be submitted to satisfy regulations?

    Thanks for your help,


  3. Janice LeBlanc says:


    I am currently working on finding details surrounding home schooling in NB and the curriculum that is being used. Is there only one curriculum? Where does it originate? Is there some type of testing that the students undergo in order to prove their level of competence when applying for Post Secondary Education?

    I am looking for any and all information that may be available on this subject as my employer, NBCC, is looking to improve it’s knowledge on home schooled applicants who are applying to our programs.

    Can you please email me anything that you may have pertaining to this topic?


    Janice LeBlanc
    Associate Registrar – NBCC

  4. Casondra Till says:

    Interested in information on starting home schooling my children.

  5. Lucie Wilson says:

    My daughter is being bullied so bad at school she doesn’t want to go. I think home school can help but i am working so i was wondering how it works.

  6. Carole Savoie says:

    I have a question about homeschool & how to get started ,If there are costs how much would it be & how do I know ,how to teach from the curriculum for grade 6 …..I have a daughter who wishes on being homeschool & so I am trying to find out how to get started……..

  7. bonnie pugh says:

    I’m looking for grade 10 material for all grade 10 subjects please can you tell me where I can get this please
    Thank you

    • Lee Fisher says:

      Hi Bonnie, you can check out our store at . A lot of our product isn’t online yet so if you’re looking for something in particular please email us at