BC Homeschool Programs

Lochiel U-Connect Education Center (Langley, BC)

Located in Langley, BC, Lochiel U-Connect Centre offers a unique, blended, site-based/homelearning environment for students. Students from Kindergarten through Grade 9 can engage in a learning community that follows the Ministry of Education outcomes while respecting the individual learning style and interests of each student.


TLA:  Traditional Learning Academy (Surrey, BC)

At TLA, we believe that you, the parent, are your child’s primary educator and that you know your child best. We support your choices and goals for your child’s learning and recognize that your child is a unique individual. We consider it a privilege to partner with you in their educational journey. 


AVS:  Abbostford Virtual School (Abbostford, BC)

Abbotsford Virtual School is a Distributed Learning school that provides educational programs for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and Adults. AVS is a part of School District #34 (Abbotsford) supporting learners throughout BC. Our staff actively supports each student in developing an educational plan, providing resources, regular tutoring and on-going assessment.


RCOA:  Regent Christian Online Academy

Regent Christian Online Academy has developed educational tools to meet every need you may have as a schooling-at-home family. We understand that home-based learning is unique in its timetable and delivery, and we will therefore work together with you to design a program to fit with what works with the unique dynamics of your family.  We also provide weekly community classes and highschool activities, they create an environment for group learning, promote community between families and with the school, and provide opportunities for specialized instruction.


DESK:  Distance Education School of the Kootneys (Nelson, BC)

DESK is an innovative centre for online learning. At DESK, we offer each student a unique learning experience. Whether you are looking for BC Ministry of Education K-12 curriculum leading to Grade 12 graduation, or unique locally developed courses, DESK has a course or program right for you.


Self Design (All over!)

SelfDesign is a learner-directed, enthusiasm-based educational methodology. SelfDesign  K – 12 seek to co-inspire wonder, joy and integrity in all learning experiences and relationships. Our various programs enable authentic self-discovery and reflect respect for the rights of all learners, young and old, to assume responsibility for their own learning paths.


Burnaby Global Learning Online (Burnaby, BC)

Burnaby Online makes it easy to get a quality education no matter where you live or where you go.  Learners and parents work with the online options provided by the Burnaby School District to meet the individual needs of each of our students.


Fraser Valley Distance Education School (Chilliwack, BC)

Fraser Valley Distance Education School has always been a leader in distance education/distributed learning in British Columbia.

  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Outstanding Teachers
  • Exceptional support services and technology
  • FVDES continues to set the standard in distance learning excellence


Heritage Christian Online School (Kelowna, BC)

We understand that our students learn best when their education is tailored to their interests, abilities, and needs. Every home-educator’s needs are different, thus we have three design options to accommodate those differences.As being a Ministry funded program, we are accountable to the Provincial Learning Outcomes (PLO’s), but we offer a flexible approach maintaining your educational philosophy while meeting the PLO’s in ways that suit your family’s method of learning.


North Coast Distance Education School (Terrace, BC)

We are a part of the public school system of British Columbia and we offer a full range of quality teacher-led programs for learners of all ages, Kindergarten to Adult. Our focus is the BC Northwest, from the Haida Gwaii to the Bulkley Valley, but we have students across the province and around the world.


NIDES:  North Island Distance Education School (Courtney, BC)

NIDES is North Island Distance Education School, serving British Columbia Residents for almost 30 years. NIDES offers online and paper-based courses for students from Kindergarten to Adult. Courses are taught and facilitated by BC certified teachers.


Northern BC Distance Education School (Fort St. John, BC)

NBCDES is a Distributed Learning / Distance Education School providing BC Ministry of Education approved courses and programs to learners in northern BC and the Yukon. We provide quality education opportunities to:

  • School Aged Students K – 12
  • Home Based
  • In School
  • Adult students seeking to graduate through the Adult Grad Program
  • Graduated Adults seeking to upgrade or further their learning.

We offer a range of courses offered both in print and online versions and use technology to communicate with our students and create a social learning environment.


South Central Distance Education School (Merritt, BC)

We are a Distributed Learning School that provides quality education for:

  • School aged students K – 12
  • Adults seeking graduation
  • Graduated Adults

We encourage you to explore our courses which feature excellent print resources with the added flexibility of electronic support.

Our courses are tuition free with a refundable resource deposit.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to addressing the needs of individual students.


SIDES:  South Island Distance Education School (Victoria, BC)

Students at SIDES have access to a variety of learning tools including diagnostic assessments, electronically-delivered courses, online learning groups via the virtual classroom, and various print-based courses. Students have the flexibility to choose the method of learning that best meets their learning style and the distance delivery that best meets their needs.


Surrey Connect (Surrey, BC)

Surrey Connect values the individuality of all students. We believe that all learners can be successful. We are committed to providing a caring learning community that fosters respect, integrity and personal achievement in an open and innovative environment.


Pacific Spirit School, (Based in Vancouver, BC) 

Pacific Spirit School (PSS) is the flagship program of the New Learning Society which supports children in developing the foundations they need to live genuinely fulfilling lives. PSS is an inclusive, independent, K-7 school located at Jericho Hill Center, a parkland setting adjacent to Jericho Beach in Point Grey. We offer a small class environment where the BC Core Curriculum is met or exceeded.


Garibaldi School, (Vancouver, BC)

The Garibaldi Home Learners’ Program is an inclusive, flexible, accessible multi-aged program. With the child at the centre, the parents, student and teacher work as equal partners in each child’s learning experience.

The program is open to students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.


12 Responses to BC Homeschool Programs

  1. Lilia says:

    What a fantastic site you’ve created here! I just found out about you yesterday….I know I’ll be here often.

    I thought you might like to add a link and some info about the Garibaldi Home Learner program to this page. http://garibaldi.vsb.bc.ca/Garibaldi+Home+Learners.htm

    My daughter started K there last year, and so far we are enjoying the program they offer.


    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Lilia!! I just posted the school up under BC Homeschool Programs!! Any other links you thinik might be helpful please feel free to contact us. I am glad you are enjoyed Kindergarten and if we can help with the rest of the journey we’d love too! You might want to check out http://www.thecanadiahomeschooler.com for Curriculum ideas and http://www.homeschoolhorizons.ca Is a new magazine for homeschool about to launch!! Both excellent resources!!

  2. I work for Regent as an Admin team member and curriculum and homelearning consultant since the school began, I also have all my children enrolled through them… could you consider adding after your summary the following: “We also provide weekly community classes and highschool activities, they create an environment for group learning, promote community between families and with the school, and provide opportunities for specialized instruction” thank you

  3. Emma says:

    We live in Nanaimo and are part of SD68 Learn @ home program http://schools.sd68.bc.ca/lah/index.htm

    My son is in K and loves the combination of home learning and attending classes 2 mornings a week.

    • admin says:

      Hi Emma! I absolutely love it over on the island, especially Nanaimo. I will check out that school and get it up if we don’t have it already. Thank you! Lee

  4. Miriam says:

    Another one you might want to include is Anchor Academy out of Salmon Arm (http://www.ark.net/).

    Does anyone know about the program that’s based out of Aldergrove that has in-class sessions twice a week? I’ve heard rumours that it exists, but haven’t gotten any specifics. And, it isn’t Aldergrove Christian Academy – I understand that they attend school 4 days/week and use the Bob Jones homeschooling curriculum, but have an instructor overseeing them and marking their work and giving the students instruction if needed…

    • Lee Fisher says:

      Hi Miriam, Thanks I will look at adding that. I haven’t heard of one in Aldergrove but I know there is one in South Surrey where the kids attend 2 days a week. -Lee

  5. Kristen says:

    I know that self design has a special education component, but are there any other homeschool programs with special Ed component?

    • Lee Fisher says:

      There are quite a few programs that have the Special Education Component. One in particular I know of is Traditional Learning Academy. Not sure hwat District you are in but there are also DL schools connected to the district like Lochiel U-Connect in Langley that have services for Special Ed. To discuss more email me and I can find some links or people to connect you with. homeschoolcanada@shaw.ca -Lee

  6. Kara says:

    Would you be willing to add the following school where I work?

    Hands-On Home-Learning AKA Oak and Orca DL (Victoria, BC)

    Oak and Orca is a small school in Victoria where children are respected to follow their interests and explore their local bioregion with compassionate guidance. Our DL provides home-learners access to a similar program at home. With a flexible program of personalized learning, we take the family’s lead to support each learner on their unique learning path.

    - Ungraded, multi-age program K-9
    - Hands-on learning activities available if desired
    - Home-learning throughout the province
    - Blended program (one day per week) in Victoria
    - Special education program available


  7. Kristiana Dixon says:

    Hi my name is Kristiana and I am a Langley/Surrey piano teacher.
    I would like to let the home schooling community know about the opportunity I am offering for students to take piano lessons. Often I will teach a home schooled student from the comfort of their own home with no need to come to me or my studio. Please pass on my info.

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