Welcome to Homeschool Canada. We’re here to help you on your homeschooling journey. The main questions we get are asking how to start, if there are any local groups, and where to get curriculum materials. Here are some answers. If we haven’t helped you find what you need – please don’t hesitate to email us at support@homeschoolcanada.ca.

How To Get Started & Find Support

Below you will find province by province resources and links to help you better understand the laws to get started homeschooling where you live, and to connect with other homeschoolers near you. There are also Canada wide resources worth checking out as well.

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Find Curriculum & Materials

If you are looking for a place to research or buy curriculum, we invite you to explore these three options. Homeschool Canada Store is our new and used consignment store, directly connected with this site. The Canadian Homeschooler is our sister site – intended to share Canadian resources for homeschoolers. Homeschool Swap: Canada is our Facebook swap and support group with over 2,500 members from across the country.

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